US dropped leaflets inside Raqqa threatening Isis
Leaflets dropped by the US inside Raqqa threatening IsisSOHR/Facebook

As part of its psychological warfare, the US-led coalition has dropped leaflets on the Islamic State's (Isis) defacto capital Raqqa that read 'Your end is approaching'.

According to the UK-based  Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (SOHR), the leaflets were dropped inside Raqqa on Saturday (17 May) midnight via parachutes.

Another leaflet contained the image of a masked Isis fighter holding a black flag, stuck between the needles of a clock. The message on the leaflet reads, ' The zero hour is approaching."

Media activist group, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), noted that the fliers dropped in the city were written in colloquial Syrian, rather than formal Arabic. They also address Isis by its Arabic name 'Daesh.'

"Daesh your held areas dwindle every day. We kill a lot of your leaders and countless of fighters. We can raid you anytime and anywhere. You are powerless to stop us. We are not going to stop and your destiny is to lose this war. Your end is approaching and the zero hour is very close. We can strike you inside your alleged area and take one of your emir but you can do nothing about this," the flier reads.

Since March, the United States has been engaged in a new strategy to demoralise the Isis. Almost 60,000 leaflets created by military personnel from US army's psychological operations department were dropped inside Raqqa in March.

Some of the graphic images on the fliers depicted potential Isis fighters being fed into meat grinders.