Artificial Intelligence
Better investment in AI and effective human-machine collaboration can help businesses boost revenues by huge margins, new reports say.Creative Commons

The US-China Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tech Summit took place on Friday in Silicon Valley, seeking to start an open dialogue between tech leaders of the two countries on the major challenges ahead with the acceleration of AI adoption across various industries.

"We are one of the most diverse places in the US. We welcome totally... cooperation," Xinhua quoted Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak as saying.

"I think it's much better to talk and communicate and share and get more done than I just stay narrow and compete, and keep what we have from them."

Wozniak added: "I'm hoping there are more and more joint ventures and investment both directions."

This gathering is co-hosted by the AI Alliance of Silicon Valley, the Future Society and China's AI Industry Alliance (AIIA), the official industry body behind China's AI Strategy, and the host of AI Forum at the Wuzhen Summit.

"This is the first ever US-China AI Tech Summit in Silicon Valley," Helen Liang, Co-President of The Al Alliance of Silicon Valley said.

"This elite gathering will help shape global AI strategy, industry best practices and AI governance policy."

The summit catalyzes a subsequent series of industry forums, working groups, and other collaborations, focusing on Future Mobility, AI in Healthcare, AI in FinTech, AI in the Law, AI for Enterprise and Robotics and Drones, etc.

Currently, America is leading the AI race with companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft all investing heavily in Ai. In China, Baidu has been the biggest investor in AI, but as the technology gets more popular more and more companies see it as the future backbone of any major industry.

[Source- IANS]