The US has the highest investment in Indian equities, with funds based out of the country having an exposure of about $100 billion, according to a report by a stock broking firm.

The data is based on Antique Stock Broking's report titled "2016 - The hunt for growth continues", says

Funds based out of Britain and Japan closely followed the US, the website added. British funds have a stake of $41.5 billion and Japanese funds have invested $15.2 billion in stocks.

Interestingly, funds based in tax havens such as Mauritius, Bermuda and Luxemborg have heavy exposure in Indian stocks, with their total investment at about $21 billion.

Foreign instutional investors (FIIs) were net buyers in calendar year 2015, with net equity investments of Rs 17,808 crore, though for most part of the second half (July to December), they were net sellers.

The Indian stock markets performed poorly in 2015, with the Sensex and the Nifty registering a decline of about 5% due to a combination of reasons ranging from poor corporate earnings, uncertainty over US Fed rate hike for a long time, falling exports and low private sector investment.

FII investment in debt stood at Rs 45,857 crore during calendar year 2015.

In fiscal 2015, FIIs were net buyers of Indian equities valued at about Rs 1,11,333 crore, while they absorbed debt worth Rs 1,66,127 crore.