Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai
Afghanistan's President Hamid KarzaiReuters

In what is likely to mark a new low in relations between Afghanistan and the US forces in the country, 65 detainees are being released from the Bagram detention centre. The move comes despite strong protests from the US, various news outlets have reported.

Washington has been arguing, ever since the possible release of the detainees was announced. It claims to have evidence that the men were responsible for carrying out attacks on Nato and Afghan troops.

In January, the Afghan government had ordered the release of 72 prisoners from Bagram jail. The detainees were previously held by US forces and Washington insists that the prisoners are "dangerous criminals" involved in killing dozens of US and Afghan troops.

Hundreds of prisoners have been freed from the facility since the jail was put under Afghan control in March last year.

Afghanistan is now understood to have decided to release the 65 prisoners because they argue that there was not enough evidence against them.

The move also comes as US-led international troops prepare to fully withdraw from the country.

Afghanistan is also miffed over a deal allowing some US troops to remain in the country even after their combat mission ends this year. The US insists on retaining its forces in the country to train Afghan troops and for counter-terrorism operations.

Meanwhile, mixed reactions have been coming in social media after the news broke, with some people calling it a good decision, while other calling it outright wrong.

Let's take a look at some of the strongest reactions in Twitter: