"Urumbukal Urangarilla", which has Chemban Vinod, Vinay Forrt and Ananya in the lead roles, was released on Saturday, 19 September.

Even though there weren't any promotions compared to Prithviraj Sukumaran's "Ennu Ninte Moideen", the film opened to positive reviews.

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The film, which tells with the story of thieves is filled with a lot of humour and has been tagged as a movie worth watching.

"Urumbukal Urangarilla", directed by Jiju Ashokan also has Sudheer Karamana, Aju Varghese, Kalabhavan Shajon, Sreejith Ravi, Sunil Sugatha, Innocent, Musthafa, Thesni Khan and Janaki Krishnan in pivotal roles.

Coming to the technical aspects of the movie, the music of the film is composed by Gopi Sunder and the dialogues are written by the director Jiju and Hari Narayanan. While Vishnu Narayan has handled the cinematography, Lijo Paul has done the editing.

Check out the review round-up of "Urumbukal Urangarilla" below:

Overall Review

"The flick has been packed with lot of humour and have to say that the humour part has worked out very well, thanks to the performances of the actors. Some of the comedy numbers by Chemban Vinod really produced uncontrollable laughter. The negative of the film is that the film went into a sluggish pace even after portraying some events which could be able to bring some thrill. The scripting went not well there comparing to the other parts. On the whole Urumbukal Urangarilla is an above average entertainer which will not disappoint you," according to Onlookers Media.

"The story is told in a very humorous manner and at the same time has the elements to thrill us as well. Even though in the second half a feel of lag came to hold the smooth flow of the film a bit, it had later picked up the pace just before the climax to provide us one of the thrilling climaxes seen in the recent times in mollywood. Go and watch it and we guarantee you that it will worth each penny you spend to watch this," according to Muyals.com

Music, Dialogues

"The dialogues of the movie, written by Jiju Ashokan and Hari Narayanan, are truly praiseworthy as they help the characters in the movie come alive. The music by Gopi Sunder complements the story of the movie quite well. Everything from the direction and acting to the cinematography is commendable. It is a certainty that no one would come out of the movie theatre feeling that they spent their money on a mediocre movie or one that did not entertain them. Urumbukan Urangarilla is definitely worth a watch," according to Indiaglamour.com.


"Urumpukal Urangarilla keeps you awake by means of laughter. The movie is a laughter riot with some genuinely crafted jokes. Some of them are even capable of fireworks inside the theater. Sudheer Karamana, Champan Vinod, and Vinay Fortt take out their best performances of the season. Female leads Ananya and Janaki play their characters with grace. Aju Varghese looks repetitive and boring. All the other supporting cast done a good job and joins the laughter express with their unique style," according to Mollywod Times