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The grand finale of Miss World 2015 has begun at the Beauty Crown Hote in Sanya, China. The event is dazzling, to say the least. Show hosts Tim Vincent, Megan Young and Angela Chow have greeted the audience.

The panel of judges include Julia Morley, the President of Miss World; Ken Warwick, an Emmy award winning Hollywood producer; music conductor Mike Dixon; the head of Miss World, hair and beauty expert Andrew Minarik; stage director Donna Walsh;  Miss World 1988 Linda Pétursdóttir (Iceland), Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego (Nigeria), Miss World 2002 Azra Akin (Turkey), Miss World 2007 Zhang Zilin (China) and Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova (Russia). 

You can live stream the finals on Miss World YouTube page. 

The event is being broadcasted in 120 countries. Click here to see the full schedule. 


Miss World: Miss Spain- Mireia Lalaguna Royo

Second Runner-Up: Miss Russia- Sofia Nikitchuck

First Runner-Up: Miss Indonesia- Maria Harfanti

8.30pm (IST): Miss Spain wins the title of Miss World 2015 

8.25pm (IST): Miss Russia wins the title of second runner up. 

8.24pm (IST): Miss Indonesia is the third runner up. 

8.23pm (IST): Julia Morley, Chairwoman of Miss World Organisation announces the results. 

8.20pm (IST): Who will it be? Miss Russia, Indonesia, Spain, Lebanon or Jamaica? 

8.07pm (IST): Miss Jamaica is honest, real and the fifth and last contestant of the Top 5. Her reason for winning Miss World 2015? 'My quest in life is to inspire the world with my soul, and I believe BWAP embodies my quest" 

8.06pm (IST): It seems Miss Lebanon's stunning beauty has won her a spot in Top 5. Why should she win Miss World? "I think modesty, love and honesty is what the world needs right now, and Miss World should be this!" she says.

8.05pm (IST): Miss Indonesia is the third finalist. She looks stunning and she seems to be very eloquent. Her strong reason for being Miss World 2015 is: "I have always been inspired by BWAP, and to be Miss World would fulfill my dreams." 

8pm (IST): Guess which other beauty joined Miss Spain? It is the crowd favourite, Miss Russia. The loving and caring Miss Russia says why she should become Miss World 2015. 

7.59pm (IST): Viva Espana! Miss Spain is the first contestant to win a spot among the Top 5 contestants. Why should she be the next Miss World? "I believe in a strong winner, I think i have something inside my heart, that I can show the world," she says. 

7.50pm (IST): Bahamian singer Julien Believe delivers a peppy number as he introduces all the contestants in 'Dances of the World.' 

7.32pm (IST): The semi-finalists are joined by Miss Vietnam, the winner of the 'People's Choice Award.' 

7.30pm (IST): The top ten semi-finalists include Miss Spain, Miss Lebanon, Miss Australia, Miss Russia, Miss Indonesia, Miss Jamaica, Miss Guyana, Miss South Africa, Miss Philippines and Miss France. 

Miss India Aditi Arya does not make it to the top 10 semi-finalists list, despite being the finalist for important challenges such as 'Top Model,' and 'People's Choice Award.' 

7.20pm: Semi-finalists are announced. 

7.15pm: Chief Mandela presents one of the most important awards of the ceremony 'Beauty with a Purpose' to Miss Indonesia, Maria Harfanti. The contestant has been working to provide clean water to poor communities in her home country.

7.07pm (IST): 

7.05pm (IST): The rankings table change again. Miss Russia, Sofia Nikitchuk is in the first place with 460 points. 

7pm (IST): Miss Spain, Mireia Lalaguna wins 'Top Model,' a key challenge in the competiton. The winners list also includes Miss Philippines, who has bagged won the 'Multimedia Award.'

6.54pm (IST): Rankings reavealed. Miss Lebanon, Valerie Abouchara leads the table, followed by Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie and Miss Russia, Sofia Nikitchuk. However, the competition is still in its early stages. 

6.40pm (IST): The opening ceremony begins with a soulful rendition by singer Yu Wenxia.

6.35pm (IST): The 114 contestants are introduced to the audience/ They walk down the ramp two by two.

6.30pm (IST): The show begins with a Chinese cultural performance.

Mireia Lalaguna