Upendra has maintained a dignified silence over Jaggesh's outburst about a song from the Real Star's forthcoming Kannada movie "Uppi 2".

The song, "Excuse me Please", from "Uppi 2", has raised industry eyebrows as some of the lines take a dig at Sandalwood stars and this has not gone down well with Jaggesh, who has criticised the song without explicitly referring to Upendra. 

Jaggesh kicked-off a controversy recently by tweeting: "One actor has used (Lord) Krishna's words about time, and used it to jibe his contemporary actors in the song. It seems like a diseased mind." This was enough for Upendra's fans to drag 'Navarasa Nayaka' Jaggesh into a war-of-words.

Upendra's fans condemned Jaggesh's barb at Upendra, even as Jaggesh stood by his comments. Jaggesh's fans also hit back at the fans of Real Star and the fight soon became personal. 

Jaggesh has also sarcastically said that his one tweet has got 'good and free publicity' for "Uppi 2". He has said that even if one spends Rs 1 crore on promotion, it can't probably generate as much publicity as his tweet and therefore people should thank him for doing a service to the forthcoming Kannada movie.

This is not the first time when Jaggesh shared his unhappiness over the Real Star.

Earlier, when the movie "Upendra" was released, the 'Navrasa Nayaka' had objected over some scenes and representation of woman in the movie.

As a counter attack to the movie "Upendra", Jaggesh made a film titled "Jitendra", which failed at the box office.

However, Upendra has not reacted to the controversy generated by Jaggesh's outburst.