The death toll of the firecracker factory blaze in Tamil Nadu has increased to 25 and 60 people have reportedly suffered burn injuries.

Around 100 others are believed to be trapped inside the premises of Om Shivashakti Fireworks Factory near Sivakasi in Mudalipetti, where the fire broke out. The situation is said to be under control but explosions are still prevailing. Rescue workers are cautiously making their way inside the building, TV reports said. 

The incident took place in the afternoon, when nearly 300 workers were on shift.

Ten fire tenders were immediately sent to the spot. Forty of the total sixty rooms are said to have been destroyed and the fire had spread across the godown nearly 200 feet away.

"We cannot go in yet, no one can go in because the explosions are still going on and there are magazines still left that can cause further explosions" the SP of the area told news channels.

The injured have been rushed to the nearby hospital. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

The factory was apparently stocked with firecrackers for Diwali festivities and work was in full swing when the incident happened.

Sivakasi is the main center for the manufacturing of fire crackers in the country.

More details awaited.