World of Warcraft and Diablo creator Blizzard was present at this year's Gamescom for some "special" announcements. During the event, the company unveiled the upcoming expansion called Legion, brought into light in less than a year after its previous major release – Warlords of Draenor.

The upcoming Legion expansion will see the return of the demonic Burning Legion. "The Tomb of Sargeras has been reopened, and the demons of the Burning Legion pour into our world. Their full, terrifying might is fixed on summoning the Dark Titan to Azeroth—and they've already located the key to his return," the official page states.

"With the Alliance and Horde devastated, only you can take up Warcraft's most legendary artifacts, scour the ancient Broken Isles for relics of the Titans, and challenge the Legion before Azeroth's last hope dies. Steel yourself, champion. Extinction is imminent."

The official Legion feature list, so far, includes the following, with more announcements set to come:

  • New continent: The Broken Isles
  • New class: Demon Hunter
  • Artifacts: customisable weapons that grow in power as you do
  • Class-specific Order Halls and followers
  • All New Dungeons and Raids
  • New World Bosses
  • Level cap raised to 110
  • Revamped PvP progression system
  • Improved transmogrification system
  • Improved social features
  • Character Boost—immediately raise one character to level 100

For the new Legion expansion, it seems like the Demon Hunter class is the most pioneering, compared to the others. "Dominate your foes as a Demon Hunter, an elven outcast shunned for daring to wield the terrible powers of the Legion. Exhibiting superior mobility and a preternatural sense of awareness, Demon Hunters can tap into forbidden powers at times of dire need, metamorphosing into terrifying fel forms."

"Focus on Havoc to demolish any who stand in your way with fiery demonic attacks, or specialise in Vengeance and go toe to toe with even the most powerful demons, withstanding massive punishment as their attacks fuel your hatred."

Apart from that, players will now get a chance to explore the mysterious yet dangerous Broken Isles – the epicentre of demon invasions. Broken Isles are basically a landmass that remains rich with ancient wonders. Players will be able to explore lush forests, colossal mountain ranges, and night elves cities older than human civilisation.

"But native dangers lurk here too: twisted satyrs, savage drogbar, and cursed Kvaldir prowl the Isles alongside the Legion's marauding army. To overcome these threats, you will claim an Order Hall unique to your character class and lead your followers on a hunt for the Pillars of Creation—the secret to Azeroth's salvation," the page adds.

You can check out full reveal presentation for the expansion at this year's Gamescom below. For more details, you can head over to the official Legion page here.

Stay tune for more updates!