WhatsApp is constantly working on new features to give its users reasons to stay on the platform. After rolling out the long-overdue and much-anticipated dark mode, WhatsApp is working on another incredible feature that will make it a lot easier for its users to juggle between multiple devices using the same account.

For now, WhatsApp users can only use one telephone number on one device at a time. Once registered, the same number cannot be used on another smartphone. The only way one can use the same WhatsApp number on two devices simultaneously is through WhatsApp Web. But that comes with restrictions.

WhatsApp's multiple-device feature

WhatsApp could end that limitation by introducing a new feature that will allow multiple-device support. Soon, users might be able to use one phone number across multiple smartphones, WABetaInfo reported.

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While this feature might not impress everyone, it will certainly be a boon to those who switch smartphones frequently. This will allow users to have the same primary WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

We have been hearing about this feature for a while now. But there is no evidence on when the feature might be available to users except for the feature being spotted in a beta build of the app, where it is still inactive.

In case you are worried about security, the report claims that the encryption key changes every time a new device is added to the account.

Other new features

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WhatsApp is also working on other features, which have been spotted in beta versions of the app. One feature that is consistently making the headlines is the self-destructing messages feature. Users will be able to preset the time when the messages would delete automatically. The options spotted in beta include a day, a week or a month.

WhatsApp also rolled out a feature for Indian users, which limits video length to 15 seconds in Status. This is done to reduce the load on servers at a time when the entire nation is in lockdown and spending more time on the app.