'Injustice Gods Among Us'
Ares patch upgrades Twitter/Injustice Game

A list of new DLC patches for popular game titles is scheduled to arrive in the next few days and months. The titles such as Injustice: Gods Among Us, SimCity: Cities of the Future and Pack-Man Championship Edition DX+ are scheduled to get their DLC by 1 Oct., 12 Nov. and 25 Sept . respectively.

Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC

NetherRealm studios have announced the dates for full patch notes for Injustice: Gods Among Us scheduled for 1 Oct., 2013 via Twitter feeds. The patch is expected to include three new characters namely Cyborg, Lex Luthor and Ares.

Cyborg's Grapple Hook Special Moves can now be implemented easily while performing combo moves in the game. However it's Repair Circuit will take longer time to reactivate but will regenerate twice the health at double speed.

The second character, Lex Luthor, who will be getting three patches unlike Cyborg, will now include Lex Probe that has been modified to make the victim react, improved Lance Blast move, in which the regular version will do more damage than before and the charge version, which will do twice the damage than regular version.

It will also include a Super-move patch in which Aquaman, one of the in-game characters, will not be able to escape using his "Water of Life" move.

Ares, the third character for DLC, will include moves such as Divine Order Combo with improved area of collision, Super-Move which can no longer be interrupted after establishing a connection and Wrap Transmission Moves, which will have Meter Burn version which recovers faster and will have a total of four teleport destinations from the earlier version of two.

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow DLC

The SimCity DLC pack scheduled for 12 Nov., 2013, will now let the users transform their cities to what it will look like after 50 years or so. The details of the technology used are not yet detailed by the developer.

One will be able to build a multi-structural Mega Towers along with additional source of power for the new forms of transportation, as posted by community manager, Michael Donahoe on the game's blog. The video can be seen below.

[Video Courtesy: SimCity EA]

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+

The Pac-Man Championship Edition DX will now be getting a DX+ title update. Gamers who already have the original game can download the updates from 25 Sept., 2013.

It has been also noted that the DLC will be available at Steam as a whole new game for those who don't have the original game.

The new Pac-Man DLC includes four maps, three re-skins for Rally X, Dig Dug and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, reports JoyStiq.

The trailer video can be seen below

[Video Courtesy: Namco Bandai Games EU]