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That the next big Destiny update is set to be released by Bungie is no big surprise. However, as expected, Bungie isn't really ready to spill out the beans on the full details or release date of the next Destiny update. However, the team has indeed notified users on some of the core changes that will be happening with the next update.

According to Bungie, as far as ammo drops in PVP is concerned, it seems like the team has been paying attention to all the feedback on the Crucible, and more so on the chaotic nature of surplus ammo that's available for it. "The team is still picking the perfect day with the right conditions," the official post adds.

But with the new update, the team plans on Special Ammo that will spawn less frequently, via the fewer pop-up crates in the game. In fact, there's even a timer to pick it up from when detected.

Crucible Designer Kevin Yanes states that there are a few goals involved here, including A) Making Special ammo a more precious resource in Crucible, B) Further solidify Heavy ammo's role in the Crucible, and C) Further improve the balance of encounters by limiting high-damage weapons.

Furthermore, the drop radius for teammates will increase with the new update. This means that even if you are away from the crate, if you're at least within range of a teammate who picked it up, you'll get your fair share of the ammo, and can later be farther away from that teammate.

Also, the company has mentioned about two smaller changes to enhance the gameplay experience further. There's a constant complain that Legendary and Exotic gears get dismantled by accident frequently. And to rectify this, Bungie has added the Item Locking feature to the update.

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