LPG cylinders
More kids in New Zealand have died due to poisoning from butane and other chemicals with hydrocarbons. A new study on chemical poisoning causing unintentional deaths has found that “huffing” or inhaling butane butane gas and other chemicals having the same substances is the main cause of death among the youth between ages 15 to 24. REUTERS

Call it unfortunate or inevitable or a series of mistakes in taking forward the country's economic affairs, the UPA government has never missed to draw target on itself in various issues, especially when it comes to price hike in commodities.

While consumers are already staggering to cope with the skyrocketing prices of petrol, the news of possible hike in the price of the diesel and LPG is indeed an unpleasant and unwelcomed thing that could happen to the common people at this point of time.  

After the announcement of fuel price hike starting May 24 midnight, diesel and LPG are likely to follow suit. There are reports suggesting that government is contemplating a cut in subsidies on diesel, kerosene and LPG.

According to sources, the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) will meet on Friday to discuss a possible hike in diesel and LPG prices as well. Media reports said that oil companies are trying for Rs 5 hike in diesel to keep pace with surging petrol prices.

According to the latest petrol price revision, the increase of Rs.6.28 per litre is exclusive of Sales Tax / VAT. So the hike per litre will be over Rs 7.50 across the country.

Hence, the oil companies want the government to shorten the differences in terms of price between the inflammable commodities.

Here is the revised petrol price state-wise:

City        Old price New price
 Delhi 65.67 73.18
 Mumbai 70.66 78.16
 Bangalore 73.51 81.01
 Kolkata 70.03 77.69
Chennai 69.55 77.23
Pune 70.76 78.97
Bhopal 70.06 77.56
Goa 55 62.5
Bhubaneswar 65.53 73.02
Ahmedabad 70 77.5
Jaipur 68.76 76.26
Hyderabad 73.94 81.44