Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill star in Batman vs. Superman
Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill star in Batman vs. Superman (Photo: BatmanVsSuperman2015/facebook)

Warner Bros. Studios has reportedly pushed back the release date of their untitled and much-talked-about Superman-Batman movie to May 2016, which is about nine months later than the previously scheduled date.

The new movie that will see two of DC Comic's most admired and loved superheroes joining forces, was slated for a July 2015 release. However, the studio pushed back the dates saying that the decision will give "the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story," reports Entertainment Weekly.

The July date will now see the release of an upcoming Peter Pan movie directed by Joe Wright.

"We know that there is already great anticipation building for the next super hero film from Zack Snyder, and we are equally eager to see what he has in store for Superman and Batman as they share the big screen for the first time ever. The summer release corridor is also perfect for Joe Wright's ambitious new Peter Pan adventure, reimagining the ageless story of the beloved and forever-young hero for audiences worldwide," The Hollywood Reporter quoted Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, president of international distribution at Warner Bros.

Cinema Blend observes that Marvel, Warner Bros. opponents, have had the month of May reserved for their movie releases since 2006. Therefore, Warner Bros' move to push the dates to its competitor's signature month has just taken competition a notch higher.

The yet-to-be-named Batman-Superman movie is a follow up to "Man of Steel", the 2013 Superman flick that grossed more than $660 million, worldwide. The project, which is apparently still in its casting mode, has already roped in Henry Cavill to reprise his role as Superman and Ben Affleck to play Batman (to most fans' disappointment).

However, word has it that the movie is going to be a "la Avengers" (Marvel's hit ensemble superhero movie). Warner Bros. Studios could apparently be planning on whipping up a 'Justice League' on the silver screen. Gal Gadot has already been signed to play Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa is in talks of bagging a role in the movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Check out a fan made trailer of the Batman-Superman movie below: