The upcoming PS4 exclusive Until Dawn is surely set to be one of the scariest games released in recent past. Following titles such as Outlast and The Evil Within, Until Dawn is also a survival horror title that's set to release later this month.

Based on the initial gameplay videos, it seems the game will have enough jump-scares and blood to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Having said that, there are a few unknown facts about the game which are equally captivating as the original game, although no one has really spoken about them.

In case you are wondering, here are three unknown facts about Until Dawn you need to know.

The Butterfly Effect Makes Big Impact

Until Dawn has been developed in the image of past titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. It boasts of immense replay value even after you have successfully completed the game (it takes some nine hours or so). One of the basic features that drives a game such as this is the 'Butterfly Effect.' This means that any choice a player makes to stay alive will have an important effect on the overall plot. Most of these will be difficult choices and once taken, will open up a new path in the game's storytelling narrative.

You Cannot Correct the Past

Supermassive Games have thought this one hard and well, and after judging gamers' habits, have implemented a mechanism where it will be almost impossible to rectify something after the decision has already been taken. The game employs a strict auto-save system so that players cannot load saved files of the past and forces them to play the entire story with that decision already in play. The only way out of this is to start the game all over again.

Pre-Ordering the Game Get You Additional Playable Chapter

In case you didn't know, pre-ordering Until Dawn has its own perks. For starters, if your pre-order the game, it will fetch you an additional playable chapter for the game. To get the perk, all you got to do is pre-order the game on Amazon and you will be entitled to receive a download token for an extra bonus chapter. As far as details are concerned, the additional piece of playable story content for Until Dawn will focus on Emily and Matt as they come across a new threat in the snowy cold.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: HEAVY]