Australia's University of New South Wales has been receiving a lot of flak online for posting pornographic images on its official Facebook page.

The university's page was hacked during its annual open day and the security breach resulted in pictures of scantily-clad women, including Pornhub star Mia Khalifa, being posted online.

A graphic image of Khalifa was accompanied with the caption: "Mia Khalifa's Instagram is Jaw Dropping." Another picture posted on the university's social networking page was that of a woman's bare cleavage with the message: "When girls get bored at work."

A spokesperson for the university told Daily Mail Australia that the breach was noticed on Saturday morning.

"The University is concerned about the impact this has had on the UNSW community and will be working to determine the source of the breach," a statement by the spokesperson read.

Administrators were locked out of the Facebook page for a long time, but they were able to regain access to the site and remove the graphic content.

"All avenues were tried internally to regain access to the site, but administrators had been locked out altogether," the spokeswoman said.

"At 10.26am we finally received a response from Facebook Support assuring us the case was a high priority. We have not been contacted since but we have managed to regain access to the site through other means and all inappropriate posts have been removed. We are awaiting a follow-up email from Facebook support."

The prank has disgusted a some visitors of the site, with one questioning: "If you can't even secure a freaking Facebook account, how can you be called the leading engineering institute in au?! Even a 10 year-old boy knows that."

Several others have made light of the situation and expressed a desire to transfer to the University to pursue their education.