• The Unstealable Bike
    The Unstealable Bike made by three engineering students in ChileScreenshot/Youtube
  • The Unstealable Bike
    The Bicycle locks into its own FrameScreenshot/Youtube
  • The Unstealable Bike
    Locked the bike with a poleScreenshot/Youtube
  • The Unstealable Bike
    The Bicycle can be locked in just 20 secondsScreenshot/Youtube
  • The Unstealable Bike
    'The Unstealable Bike'Screenshot/Youtube

The bicycle named as "The Unstealable Bike" is designed in such a way that no one can steal it until and unless they damage the key parts, according to the three engineering students in Chile, who made the bike.

The bicycle can be locked with any standing object, like a tree or a pole. The locking system is built into its frame itself and needs only 20 seconds to lock it.

In the promotional video of "The Unstealable Bike", the prototype is demonstrated by a girl. The footage shows how the bicycle can be locked to a pole or a tree. This video had gone viral and is been liked by many viewers on social media.

However, the viral video received mixed feedback on Twitter.

"Chilean students designed "The Unstealable Bike" http://youtu.be/1pWYu8t5o4o  Nice but how do you prevent saddles & wheels from being stolen." – said Mariam in Twitter.

"The 'Unstealable Bike' Is Unspeakably Cool" – said Coeur in Twitter.

"Unstealable Bike Light, but what about stealing it WITH the bike, or removing the seat post." – said keanmillward in Twitter.

Although nobody can steal the bycycle, several twitterites pointed out that a thief can rob potential parts of the bike, such as wheels and seat. Apparently, it is a valid point raised by many.

Likewise "The Unstealable Bike", every creation has positive and negative aspects. For now one should appreciate those three engineering students and their innovative brain which created such an amazing design.

Check out the above slideshow of "The Unstealable Bike".