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Actor Unni Mukundan, who has made a mark in Malayalam and Telugu movies, was recently part of a public awareness advertisement endorsing the usage of low beam headlight for a safe drive after dark. Now, days after the ad was released, the young star states in a live Facebook video that he feels guilty for driving through roads in Kerala after acting in the video.

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Unni went live online on his way back to Calicut as he was traveling through a road without street lights for over 80 kms.

"It's pitch dark, and how are we supposed to drive without using high beam? If I use dim light, I am sure the car might hit a wall or tree as nothing is visible. I have been struggling for quite some time now, though my house is one hour away according to GPS, I am not able to drive due to lack of street lights," Unni raised the issue via his social media page.

"It is available only in few junctions, but they are installed by shopkeepers there and the other ones seen here and there are of no use as they are not bright enough. Why is the government not taking right steps for the safety of people?" he added. 

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Unni has also requested the concerned authorities to take proper measures by installing high voltage street lights near every road in Kerala. "It's my kind request to the Motor Vehicles Department, and other departments, as a common citizen. Please install more street lights with high voltage throughout the roads, so that even if the vehicle's lights are damaged, it will help the drivers," he added.

The Janatha Garage actor has also asked his fans to use high beam whenever it is necessary without causing trouble to other drivers. "Nobody is driving with high beam with an intention to hurt others. People use it as they are not sure if they can drive safely through these roads that also have many potholes" he added.

"I did an advertisement for you. I don't know if this is the right way to react, but I am sure that the department will make necessary action all over Kerala. I also request people not to blame me for using high beam as I am helpless at times due to situations like this. I feel guilty for doing the advertisement and not obeying the traffic rules," Unni is heard saying in the video.

Watch Unni's live Facebook video here:

Here is Unni's road safety advertisement: