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A detailed study conducted by a team of Canadian researchers has suggested that the universe existed even before the Big Bang, and it was actually a mirror image of the present cosmos in which we live in a small corner.

It should be noted that space experts are pretty clear about the nature of the universe just moments after the Big Bang, as it followed the basics of fundamental physics. However, some experts believed that during those initial moments, basic physical laws were somehow altered.

The Canadian researchers who took part in the study used this idea and assumed that the universe was always symmetrical and simple. They later tried to mathematically extrapolate the universe before and after the Big Bang. This research made them believe that the universe before the Big Bang was just a mirror image of the current cosmos.

However, in the previous universe, everything was reversed including time. Before Big Bang, time went backwards in the universe, and particles were antiparticles.

"Instead of saying there was a different universe before the bang. We're saying that the universe before the bang is actually, in some sense, an image of the universe after the bang. It's like our universe today were reflected through the Big Bang. The period before the universe was really the reflection through the bang," Neil Turok, a scientist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario told Live Science.

This is not the first time that scientists are envisioning the existence of a second universe before Big Bang. However, it was previously hypothesized that these universes were separate entities, but this research argues that it was just a mirror image of the current universe.

This new theory can be also perceived in a different manner. For example, both these universes might have been created during the Big Bang, and they exploded simultaneously backward and forward in time. Some experts believe that more studies conducted using this theory will eliminate the weird possibility regarding the existence of multiverse or parallel universe.

Earlier, during the fourth season finale of Neil deGrasse Tyson's Star Talk TV show, legendary physicist Stephen Hawking had revealed that nothing existed before the Big Bang.