Finance Minister P. ChidambaramReuters

Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram on Thursday presented India's 82nd Union Budget for the financial year 2013-14.

"I acknowledge that the Indian economy is challenged, but I am absolutely confident that, with your cooperation, we will get out of the trough and get on to the high growth path," he said in his speech. 

With the start of the day #Budget2013 and #Chidambaram became a trending topic on social networking site Twitter with people giving their reactions on the budget.

Here is what people tweeted about the budget:

‏@TheOfficialYogs: Budget day is a day when every Indian seems to be an economist or Finance Minister #Budget2013

‏@ShauryaShekhar: Doubt anyone in #BJP apart from #Yashwant has intellectual capability to comprehend #Budget2013. For sake of being heard, they r blabbering!

@nehapthukral: Some ppl seem to be criticizing #Budget2013 for the sake of it! Hard to satisfy everyone. You need to understand the need of hour.

@Maska_Pav : #Chidambaram #Budget2013 Create environment where women can go to any bank SAFELY

@garima_am: Opportunities for many more scams? "PM says: It is now up to my colleagues in the Cabinet to turn challenges into opportunities"#Budget2013

@gypsynarad: The #Budget2013 is like my stomach currently.. Both are spoilt..

@SohanOswal: Thank you government for increasing the customs on Cars. I wouldn't have bought an imported car but now I wouldn't dream also.#budget2013

@ajay_misri: AMU has been given 100crores for a big "Thank You" on confering the honorary life membership of Sonia Gandhi in the #Budget2013

‏@tweetjha: #Budget2013 also brings a sense of equality for all those who boozed in air-conditioned bars!

‏@ACHALAGRAWAL: It is presumed that #Budget2013 would be the vehicle without circle through which Congress will fight 2014 elections.

@BeingSardar: So FM passed the #Budget2013 test with Flying colours.

@MarwahKarishma: Well, #Budget2013 offers neither Hope nor Horror. Its just another day in the life of the common Indian. Maybe that is as it should be.

‏@OneChilledBeer: Gujjus remain unaffected by the budget. Continue to rule most markets. More black money to pour in. #Budget2013

@joeconoboy92: #Budget2013 Guaranteed, more cuts than Jack the Ripper in a London alleyway. And more taxes than the Arabs have sand!

@pranavshyam: All women bank: A place to procure hand knitted sweaters at wholesale price #Budget2013

‏@ParmeshwarSoni: Aamaadmi party created lot of problem for govt in past year, so all aamaadmis now being screwed by FM in his #Budget2013

@vaidehisachin: Real Story & lessons to Mr FM.we middle class are not cash cows that u take everything from us and distribute to poor n corrupt#Budget2013

@TypeWriterMom: One billion minus forty two thousand eight hundred can now heave a sigh of relief ;) #Budget2013

‏@itisprashanth: 27 thousand crores allocated to agriculture sector! agriculture minister has hit the jackpot, ha ha! :D #budget2013

@vwburnett: Happy about taxes not increasing; only way to benefit is not to smoke or consume alcohol, due to increased sin tax! #budget2013

 ‏@RohitN14: A bank exclusively for women haan...hmm..Hope it has more safety deposit lockers provision than savings nd current accounts!!#Budget2013