There haven't been many South Park games to talk about. The last one to release and also get treated to critical acclaim was South Park: The Stick of Truth. However, it seems like there might have been another South Park game that may have been cancelled due to unforeseen reasons, and was even bound for the original Xbox.

In a recent video added to Happy Console Gamer's YouTube channel, the team revealed a previously unseen South Park Xbox game. In the video (see below), the duo talked of how an ordinary Xbox development kit was purchased at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, leading to the discovery of the only playable version of the cancelled title.

The title turned out to be a tie-in game developed by a studio known as Buzz Monkey Software. Also, the version found on the development kit appeared to be an early Alpha version of the game, and, as expected, was littered with game-breaking bugs – although the game was similar to The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

"The alpha casts the player as Cartman, turning the foulmouthed fourth grader loose on a nearly completed model of his home. The objective of the level seems to echo the classic South Park episode 'Up the Down Steroid,' spawning Cartman in front of a chalk board that reads 'Find retard costume' and 'Get on short bus,' but attempting to grab the level's objective will cause the alpha to crash," a Gamerant report stated.

But that's not all. The alpha for the game also featured various (test) levels showcasing a planned combat system and even a carjacking feature. "Messing around with the camera in the alpha's freeroam test mode allowed Happy Console Gamer to explore the world of South Park, showing that Buzz Monkey had managed to craft a large, albeit unfinished, replica of the town of South Park."

Apart from that, there were additional split screen test modes and character tests of Kyle, Kenny, and Stan that were found within the alpha, although the controls and lag made the modes absolutely unplayable.

Would this unreleased South Park game be an even bigger success than The Stick of Truth if released officially? Let us know in the comments section below.

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