An undercover robot gorilla has shed light on the way in which gorillas at Ugandan Silverback Mountain live. The gorillas living in the region were caught singing before dinner, and it is a rare behaviour that has never been captured.

Clear evidence of flatulence

The video captured by the undercover agent clearly shows how gorillas become flatulent after every meal. It should be noted that gorillas consume at least 40 pounds of sustenance per day, and the new video unveils how much gassy these creatures become after completing their meals.

Robotic gorillaYouTube: PBS Nature

The spectacular video of these gorillas is featured in an episode of the PBS series, 'Nature Spy in the Wild 2'. This program primarily uses robotic lookalikes of animals, and trail them in their natural habitats with the help of advanced cameras.

A kid spy captured these secret moments

Wild gorillas are considered very dangerous, and as a result, human camera operators usually stay away from these creatures to avoid a potential attack. In this case, the program coordinators used a robot that resembled a gorilla kid, as the pack would have considered an adult gorilla as a threat.

Experts have made animatronic kid gorilla in such a way that it will replicate all the necessary movements of a real gorilla. This robot gorilla was capable of moving and closing its eyes and also used to beat its chest, a unique characteristic of real gorillas. The small robot also used to show respect when it sees adult gorillas.

In 2016, another study report had confirmed that adult gorillas performed mealtime singing, and they used to sing much better than kids and females. Interestingly, the study report also suggested that gorillas used to engage in singing especially when they eat aquatic plants and seeds. However, these gorillas did not sing when they ate insects and other food.