Underboob Pen Challenge craze hits internet
Underboob Pen Challenge craze hits internet.Twitter

In yet another crazy social media challenge, women have been posing with pens stuck under their boob in attempt to prove themselves to be "true woman".

After reportedly gaining momentum in China, "Underboob Pen Challenge" is the latest social media trend. It has taken the internet by storm as several women from across the globe have been posting pictures of their breast with a pen stuck under it.

While the trend itself is quite bizarre, another surprising element attached to it is the fact that female netizens have been taking it up to prove their "womanhood". Social media is flooded with scores of selfies that show women sticking pen or some other items under their breast.

Many have been sharing their pictures with caption saying, "Pass the challenge to prove you are a true woman". Some of them have even been tagging some international celebrities, challenging them to take up the task.

Not just women, some men have also been taking up "Underboob Pen Challenge", and somehow managed to pull off the act. Interestingly, this weird challenge is not a new one, but has suddenly picked up momentum yet again on social media.

Earlier, a similar challenge titled "Hold a coke with your boob" had gone viral whereby, women had posted selfies of holding a coke can in between their cleavage.

While many women have been happily participating in the latest "Underboob pen challenge", there are some who opined that they do not have to post such selfies to prove their womanhood.

Well, internet is truly a weird place.

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