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The Big Bang Theory on Zee CafeZeeCafe/Facebook

Censoring of English TV shows, that play on Indian channels, can get a bit annoying. It may seem a tad unnecessary and uncalled for when they beep/mute words like "coitus" every time Sheldon says it on "The Big Bang Theory." This is just one of the many examples of what viewers are subjected to when they watch these shows.

So it may come as good news to many that Zee Cafe -- which airs several US TV shows -- has come out with a new property called "Uncut," an hour of unfiltered and uncensored content that will play out on the channel every Monday to Thursday at 11 pm.

Complying with the Indian broadcasting standards, Zee Cafe will air some of the most popular Hollywood shows without any edited scenes or muted words starting with one of the most popular sitcoms - "The Big Bang Theory" Season 1 to 9 every Monday to Thursday at 11 pm.

Speaking on the same, Ali Zaidi, business head, Zee English Cluster said in a statement, "With the kind of exposure Indian viewers have towards English entertainment, we thought it would be the right opportunity to bring them the shows they love in a way they would want it to be. Uncut is our first step towards that innovation and we are hopeful the impact would be positive."