Rockstar's previously released GTA 5 needs no formal introduction, provided you already know what the GTA series has been all about. The newest iteration in the series is a considerable upgrade over all the other titles, although most of us still find GTA: Vice City as the best GTA ever. Why? Let's keep that for some other day.

There's a lot to do in GTA 5, as far as extra-curricular activities are concerned. And as it seems, the latest area of interest involves finding a certain 'Bigfoot' AKA Sasquatch in the game. Finding the Bigfoot is the latest thing GTA 5 fans are dealing with at the moment – and a certain Reddit user has finally uncovered the secret related to the subject that has evaded all till date.

There's a Reddit thread titled "Holy mother of God I found the Sasquatch Peyote," which lays out the compound conditions that need to be in place in order to find the mysterious peyote button that will trigger the Sasquatch transformation.

Yes people, you don't really hunt for a Sasquatch in the game, but you actually turn into one.

User rkRusty recently posted the information to subreddit /r/chiliadmystery with the discovery. The subreddit is basically for unravelling the mystery behind the phrase "come back when your story is complete" that's found within GTA 5, referring to Mt. Chiliad.

As far as the process is concerned, finding and transforming into Bigfoot depends on a host of factors. For instance, all other peyote buttons need to be discovered before the golden Sasquatch button will appear. Moreover, it can only be found on Tuesdays between 5:30 and 8:00 am with either foggy conditions on PC or snow on consoles.

Ingesting the button will cause a hallucination in which your character will become the legendary Bigfoot. Note that discovering the secret took a lot of digging in the game's code and referenced files. Check the video below for more information.

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[Source: IGN]