Christophe Balestra, the co-president of Naughty Dog, developer of "Uncharted" game title, has spluttered a few comments on the title's graphics on Sony PlayStation 4. The game title is currently in the development stage for the next-gen console.

According to Balestra the development team is "pushing storytelling and performance capture" elements of the game. He further revealed that the title's next-gen version would be a big leap in graphics. "But graphically I think we're going to see a big jump with what the team is working on right now and I think people will be pretty amazed with all the good stuff that's happening at Naughty Dog today," Balestra stated in a video interview with Geoff Keighley during the PS4 All Access show on Nov. 14, reported Examiner.

It has been noted that the Uncharted fans are keeping high hopes on the graphics of the title as seen in the Gamespot forum where it was asked "Will Uncharted 4 be graphics king?"

"Hard to know because some incredible looking games could come out by then but I reckon it will definitely be a contender. Naught Dog have powerful technical chops," replied one of the fans.

A trailer teaser of Uncharted game shows a glimpse of the game animations done on the map, from which it would be difficult to make-out the graphics quality of the gameplay. The video can be seen below:

[Video Courtesy: Playstation/Youtube]

The release date for Uncharted video game has been kept undercover by its publisher, Sony Computer Entertainment.

Meanwhile, it has been also revealed that in addition to announcing the trailer of the game on PS4, Naughty Dog also unveiled their first story DLC (downloadable content) for its "The Last of Us" game title on PS3.