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"Uncharted 4," the upcoming game from developer Naughty Dog, is available to some players due to the existence of stolen copies. And this makes it easy for players to have early information on details of the game, even before its release.

Previously it was revealed that the "Uncharted 4's" day one patch was 5GB. Now the patch notes of the game's first day patch have been revealed (AllGamesDelta):

  • Multiplayer Support
  • Singleplayer "Encounter Select" menu
  • Bonus Feature: Photo Mode
  • Bonus Feature: Character model Viewer
  • Bonus Feature: Render Modes
  • Bonus Feature: Gameplay Modes
  • Bonus Feature: Singleplayer Character Skins
  • Bonus Feature: Weapon Selector
  • Bonus Feature: Journal Viewer
  • Bonus Feature: Concept Art Galleries
  • General fixes and improvements

Meanwhile, though Sony and Naughty Dog have taken down screenshots from the leaked game, many gamers who received the copy still have it with them but are careful not to reveal spoilers. However, some like Reddit user FoxesSocks have shared some insight into the game.

He also revealed that the Photo Mode in the game is "extensive, it has motion blur, loads of new filters" and has the ability to "hide characters and civilians. You can rotate the camera around the landscape pretty extensively".

It was also revealed that the game had an Easter egg in the first few chapters and it was something that players could "control." The story according to the Reddit user is "engaging" and similar to "The Last of Us."

The initial load time is about 20 seconds and the game is said to feature several underwater locations.

"Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" is slated to release May 10, exclusively on PS4.