At least 10 policemen were injured in Ukraine after a grenade exploded during a protest outside the Parliament on Monday, Russia Today reported.

The protesters had gathered outside the Verkhovna Rada building--where the Ukrainian parliament meets for regular and ceremonial sessions--in Kiev to oppose amendments to the constitution that would provide for decentralisation of the country.

However, violent clashes broke out after the police tried to move away the agitators forcefully. According to Russia Today, the protesters tried to storm the parliament.

The agitators then allegedly attacked the police with long sticks and threw at least one smoke bomb grenade, it is reported.

Social media reports claimed that the bomb was thrown among the crowd and both policemen and civilians were injured in the explosion.

Ukrainian Internal Minister Anton Geraschenko on his Facebook announced that fifty national guards were injured. He said the condition of four soldiers was critical. "Their life is in danger," Geraschenko said.

The National Guard currently have cordoned off the parliament.

Earlier in the day, protesters even brought a garbage truck before the parliament to show their opposition to the amendments.