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We have all heard the term 'beauty with Brains' we got our hands on none other than UK model Rebecca McAllister, who is a business influencer on the social media, combining beauty to brands.

For the women of today, social media has gripped our attention pushing our looks to an all-time high. So there is no questioning why this it has got it all going on. Rebecca is an internationally known fashion model, who is not just famous for her gorgeous looks, but also for her amazing skilful business mind.

Unlike other ordinary fashion models, she is also an entrepreneur and businesswoman who owns multiple companies of the beauty and cosmetic industry which is actively running successfully worldwide. The modelling industry requires a confident personality with an attractive face and physic which is not very common amongst normal people as many of us feel discomfort in front of the camera.

Rebecca McAllister was also one of those people with some additional mental struggles. Even though she was interested in modelling, she never felt suitable for it because she was struggling with mental health and body dysmorphic.

Rebecca had low self-steam and also had an anxiety issues, which made her feel that her dream of finding comfort when looking back in a mirror might never come true, but her life had different plans for her.

Rebecca McAllister
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As soon as her beauty and cosmetic business started doing well, it opened the doors for her in the glamour industry. She was directly associated with the people from the fashion and glamour industry and made friends with them. This boosted not only her confidence but career aspects also after they convinced her to face the camera.

After this, Rebecca McAllister started getting more opportunities for modelling which she confidently took and embraced herself to do what she always dreamed of. She is presently one of the most popular faces of the modelling industry and she has an insane fan following which also appreciates her business and entrepreneur personality. All of this truly makes her a fine example of beauty with brains.