The world of social media and the internet can be a mean, offensive, depressing, intimidating place, but don't draw your judgments just yet. Where there is evil, there's good, and what better way to show the goodness of social media than a live example. A UK man, who is a "proud dad of twin sons" as per his bio on Twitter, united the digital world when he sought help for his mental health struggle. What happened next is the most beautiful thing you'll see on the internet today, heck in 2020.

Edmund O'Leary was brave enough to let out his mental health struggle on Twitter. "I am not ok. Feeling rock bottom. Please take a few seconds to say hello if you see this tweet. Thank you," he tweeted.

Within a few hours, people around the world rallied to show their support to O'Leary.

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Netizens went out of their way to cheer up O'Leary, while some even shared their experience to show he's not alone. Some netizens even shared some videos of support to O-Leary.

The world comes to rescue

Take a look at some touching gestures of support for O'Leary.

You too can send your best to O'Leary by joining in on the viral thread HERE.

We surely hope O'Leary is feeling better. Stay strong.