Uk election
Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband gestures as he hosts a People's Question Time in Kempston, Britain May 5, 2015. Britain will go to the polls in a national election on May 7.Reuters

Britons will vote in the tightest elections in the United Kingdom in decades on 7 May, as Conservative Party leader David Cameron will fight it out with Labour Party leader Ed Miliband for the top post. 

UK Election 2015: 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Polling stations will open at 7am local time on Thursday, and voting will continue up to 10 pm. 

While British media will intensively cover the elections, you can also visit independent websites and Twitter accounts to stay in the midst of the polling action. 

Here are some websites and Twitter accounts you can follow:

For all voting-related information, you can visit the UK Electoral Commison website.

You can also check the agency's Twitter account on @ElectoralCommUK to know all details about voting on 7 May. 

For the latest developments in the UK elections, May 2015 Election is a great account to follow. Run by Britain's New Statesman magazine, the Twitter account has been providing information of all the predictions and polls in the run-up to the elections. 

Election Forecast UK has also been compiling all the latest polls in the head-to-head race. 

The UK Polling Report website gives seat-wise contest details, put together by 'Pollmaster general' Anthony Wells

Twitter Action:

For catching the true political action, you can follow the politicians themselves on their official Twitter accounts, as see the virtual political fist-fight from close quarters.

David Cameron has exhorted voters to 'stop the chaos of an Ed Miliband / SNP deal' through his Twitter account, while Miliband tweeted to urge Britons to 'choose to build a country that works for all working people, not just a few at the top'. 

Don't want to miss more such political digs on the D-Day? Their Twitter accounts is where all the action is - @David_Cameron and @Ed_Miliband

You can also follow Nick Cleggleader of the Liberal Democrats, Nicola Sturgeon, leader fo the Scottish National Party, and Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party. 

You can also follow the Twitter accounts of the respective parties.