UFO spotted on Moon Surface
Earlier also a UFO was spotted on the moon's surfaceScreenshot/Youtube

Two unidentified objects were spotted flying over the surface of the moon.

A YouTube user, who goes by the names danchek2013, has uploaded a 56-second video clip with the caption "UFO video filming on the moon in 2013" on Jan. 11 which shows UFOs flying over the lunar surface.         

The clip starts with an arrow pointing towards the shadowed portion of the moon which after a while moves towards the middle of the screen at a small circular object which passes over the moon surface at a high velocity and gradually slows down before vanishing to the bottom of the screen.

Another circular object is seen flying with high speed over the lunar surface in a wavy motion which seems to emit a vapour-like substances like the fuel ejection by aircrafts. The second UFO also disappears like the previous one.

The footage is devoid of any description and evidence to prove that the video was original and not manipulated. Some claimed that it was hoax and the two objects shown in the video could easily be developed with the help of computer apps or software, while others came in defense of the user affirming that the video was legit.

The video was posted a week ago and has fetched over 450,000 views so far.

Earlier, UFO sighting near or over the moon were reported by 18th century scientists who claimed to have seen mysterious objects and glowing spots on the natural satellite of earth.New York HeraldTribune science editor John J. O'Neill had said that he found a bridge-like structure appearing over the surface while looking through his telescope. Though the mystery of UFOs continues, reports of such sightings come time and again.

Recently, UFO sightings were reported at areas close to the Sun as well as near NASA's International Space Station (ISS). The videos of both were later uploaded on YouTube.

Have a look at the videos below:

UFO spotted near NASA's International Space Station:

UFO spotted near the Sun: