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Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania' has uploaded an eerie video which shows a strange object floating over a New Hampshire water body. The video and image of the strange sighting were initially uploaded by YouTube by a user named Mark Attardo, and it gained immense popularity after UFOmania shared it.

"Just as I arrived for a day trip, I spotted a strange splash. It was odd because of the motion. It was reminiscent of a waterspout, albeit, a very small one," said the witness.

Upon closer analysis, the object spotted in the water looked similar to that of a flying saucer we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi flicks. The object also has a dome which protrudes out from its body.

As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists strongly started claiming that aliens have been hiding in the depths of water for many years. These theorists argue that the increased number of UFO sightings near water bodies is an indication that aliens are living in the waters.

As the video went viral on the internet, viewers also shared their thoughts regarding the bizarre event.

"I thought UFOs where flying objects lol. USO, unidentified submerged object may be," commented Blue Spiral, a YouTube user.

However, skeptics are not convinced, and they claim that the object in the video might be a school of fishes.

"Sorry. But not a UFO. Possibly a school of small fish just under the surface. I believe in extraterrestrials & UFOs's; this was not a sighting of the small kind," commented Buddy MacDonald, another YouTuber.

"That could be somebody with the dolphin hand-held jet propeller pack. The family is very wealthy showing every toy with the bells and whistles to boot. If it didn't come flying up n out it's fake. Sorry dude," commented #1Matman, another user.