UFO (Representational Image)
UFO (Representational Image)Reuters

An avid photographer snapped a fast-moving object believed to be Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) hovering over Muiderslot Castle in Netherlands.

The photographer identified as Corinne Federer said in an interview to the HuffingtonPost that the object was photographed during her visit to medieval castle, near Amsterdam. Federer also added that she identified the strange object in the photographs while reviewing the snaps she had taken.

"In order to create HDR images, you take three or more exposures - this one happened to be five - and you shoot them all at the same time, because you then overlap the images and it gives you the full spectrum of light, which your camera can't capture but your eyes can," Federer, told The HuffingtonPost, adding that "It was a tubular-shaped object that had an S-shaped fin on it. If it had been any type of missile, it would've had multiple fins, but facing the same direction. We heard nothing, it was completely quiet out. "

Federer made sure the presence of mysterious object in the photographs by adjusting the gray scale settings of the images. Huffington Post, which claimed to have reached out to a former FBI special agent to confirm the originality of photographs, also quoted a former FBI special agent saying as "The object's appearance is internally consistent with the rest of the photo. For instance, look at the darker area of the underside of the object compared with the clouds. The shadowing is similar on the underside as well as the lighting on the top of the object and the clouds where the sun is brightest. Having the sun in the frame is helpful because it indicates where shadows should appear. This further supports that the object was photographed 'in-camera' and not added later."

Earlier last week, a cigar-shaped object was spotted hovering over Appleton city in the Wisconsin state of USA. The video of the mysterious object posted on YouTube has led to interesting debate on the forum.