Reports of Unidentified Flying Objets(UFO0 around the world have gained traction in the recent past. The latest sighting report was of a triangle-shaped object spotted in the skies above Fresno, California.

According to The Canadian, images of the object suspected to be a UFO were posted on UFO Sightings Daily website with an eyewitness account. The report explained the shape and geographical location of the triangle-shaped UFO.

"A triangle UFO caught heading towards Madera California on hwy 41," said the eyewitnes further explaining on how he managed to film it.

"The lights that appear to the left of the triangle are house lights on the horizon. This was filmed at about 10pm.Using Google Earth to measure the distance from here I was filming to the house lights, this craft was at least a mile away."

UFO Sightings: Triangle-Shaped UFOs Found Hovering Over California
UFO Sightings: Triangle-Shaped UFOs Found Hovering Over California

 "I zoomed into the triangle craft to get better detail but as I was zooming out I accidentally got the house lights again at about 1:57," he added.

In a separate report of MUFON, a UFO was sighted on the night of 16 February in Plano City, Texas. Three UFO were found hovering in the sky, forming a triangle shape.

"I was outside on the patio with friends just enjoying the evening, when I saw 3 yellow lights in a perfect triangle shape emerging in the distance from behind the silhouette of [a] roof," MUFON reported an eyewitness as saying. The eyewitness account also stated that the lights were in a very slow motion and no sounds could be heard as they were moving, which rejects the possibility of a plane or jet.

"The triangle shape [remained] steady throughout the observation until I lost visibility behind a tree and house. First thing that came to mind was [the lights were from] 3 planes in formation, but the color of the light and the fact that no sound could be heard [were] rather strange," read the report.

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