UFO Vancouver
A UFO was allegedly spotted above the Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver, during a baseball game.YouTube/ABC OFFICIAL NEWS

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings have been reported across North Devon, England, with several people claiming to have seen strange objects in the sky over the last week, according to a report by North Devon Journal.

"Driving to Torrington on Thursday night I saw strange bright lights in the sky and the car had flashes of blue in it. Very creepy!" Matt Naughton told the Journal. 

Erica Whiteley also contacted the Journal to say that her husband had spotted something above Fullabrook: "Looking from Swimbridge across to Barnstaple in the direction of the wind turbines. He said it was unusually bright and of similar shape to that in your picture and he was joking around saying he had seen a UFO. When I saw your photo, I couldn't believe it, I thought he was just over exaggerating."

However, sources at Chivenor's 22 Squadron search and rescue crew told the journal that they were on a training exercise in the morning (Saturday), hinting that it may have been them.

Meanwhile, a report by Huffington Post said that drones are "the newest addition to the growing list of misidentified things in the sky that many people claim are ships from another part of our galaxy."

The report also said that people will mistake drones for UFOs, as lot of them have been created to look like one, citing the case of a drone created by a Canadian science center fooling people during a baseball game at the Nat Bailey Stadium on 3 September.

The H R MacMillan Space Centre had later clarified that the mysterious object was, in fact, a teaser campaign.

"Recent close encounters reported by local UFO bloggers are actually the result of an elaborate hoax masterminded by the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre," they said in a press release. "The goal of the faux UFO was to create a buzz about the new planetarium viewer experience at Vanier Park. The Planetarium Theatre at the Space Centre underwent a half million dollar upgrade this summer."

"Here's the big problem with all of this: Not only do these unmanned objects look like UFOs or flying saucers, a lot of them are deliberately and inexpensively created to look like UFOs or flying saucers," reported Huffington Post.

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