Several Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been reported flying over NASA's International Space Station (ISS) on 18-19 April.

According to reports, the mysterious objects were spotted hovering over ISS by NASA astronauts who were outside the station. The reports of multiple sightings near the space station has gained traction in the recent past. According to Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily who has been providing reports of celestial objects spotted near ISS, the flying objects recorded on NASA's live cam last week were believed to be bright.

"Multiple UFOs have been recorded by many eyewitnesses on NASA live cam on the 18th and 19th of April 2013," The Canadian noted about the latest sightings.

Below is the video of the latest sightings:

Earlier in April, Waring had said that such objects are seen on NASA Live feed almost every day. He also said that sometimes the objects come close to ISS and at times pass by it. In January a video recorded by 'Streetcap1' had shown the objects appearing at different times in the sky near ISS. The videos also included photographs of the disc-shaped objects taken by the NASA camera.

In a separate incident, YouTube user Naktis Ireland, uploaded a video of an odd light over Cork, Ireland, which was recorded back in December. It is not clear what made him wait for about three months to upload the video of odd lights, but the video is gaining attention at this moment.

"I am sorry for the quality; it was filmed with a mobile phone. Ironically I had a Canon EOS 55D with 300 mm lens at home that could of filmed in 3000x3000 but I was afraid that they would disappear by the time I got my camera as this is a very rare opportunity so instead, used a phone to record as much as possible," Ireland wrote.

Blow is a video of the bright objects: