A zoomed-in image of the UFO that was spotted in Peru on 10 FebruaryYouTube grab

Some people may believe, some may not but stories of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) keep popping up every now and then. The latest we heard is that a diamond-shaped bright object was spotted hovering over a lake in New York.

A testimony in Case 65105 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database claimed that the strange object was spotted at about 12:15 a.m. on 1 May, 2015 by a witness while driving. 

"I got to the top of a hill that overlooks the lake I live on about four miles away from my house," the witness stated, according to MUFON (via Open Minds). "I right away noticed a very bright and distinct light just hovering over the lake that I live on." 

"It was in the shape of a square and it was brighter than a star, and only a few stars were in the sky that night," continued the witness. "As I got closer and closer it still was not moving at all, so I rolled my windows down and turned off the radio to listen to see if I could hear anything like a helicopter. Nothing. I could not hear a sound at all."

The witness claimed that the object flew lower than planes and made no sound.

"Once I got close enough to be right under it (however, I was on the road and it was over the lake to my left) I saw that it was some sort of an aircraft. However, it was in the shape of a diamond. It had the large square light so bright on the front peek, the outer two peaks had flashing red lights on them and the back side had a flashing white and green light," said the witness.

"It was lower than any plane I had ever seen fly in that area. It slowly started to fly over my head and back north down where I had just come from as I drove under it – still making no sound at all. When I turned around to try and get a good look, it as gone into the darkness."