UFO (Representational Image)
UFO (Representational Image)Reuters

A resident of Darlington has captured images of 100 mysterious ojects, believed to be Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), flying over the Perth Hills in the past six months.

Rob Hartland, a biochemist-turned-school teacher, caught on camera objects flying over the hill from his Darlington home when he was taking photos to test his new digital camera. Hartland began to noticing the unusual objects during his analysis of the photos he had taken with the new camera.

"I take about 30 shots at a time. In 10-15 minutes I'll take 300 to 400 images. Then I connect the camera to the computer. I zoom in and enhance any little thing I note on the images and you get these craft in anywhere from 2 per cent to 20 per cent of shots," Hartland was quoted as saying in PerthNow.

"Some of them appear to have transparent canopies and in some shots it looks like there could be occupants inside."

The atypical shape and colour of some of the objects spotted in the photographs made him dubious about the sightings. Though the initial analysis suggested the possibility of aerial vehicles (UAVS) or craft in the sky, he ruled out that possibility.

"I always say 'could' rather than 'is'. There is always doubt. But UFO stands for unidentified flying object and as far as I'm concerned these aren't identified. It's possible some are man-made, but I don't think they all are," he said.

"There's no way it is a bird or insect or plane they look totally different and these craft move much faster," he said. 

Hartland has posted the pictures of the mysterious round, square and saucer shaped objects on his website wispyclouds.net.