UFO Sightings: Colourful UFO Spotted Near International Space Station
UFO Sightings: Colourful UFO Spotted Near International Space StationYouTube

The year 2013 is marked with several sighting reports of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) across the globe. NASA's International Space Station (ISS) is among those which have reported the sightings of these mysterious objects.

Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, said that the objects are seen on NASA Live feed almost every day. He also said that sometimes the objects come close to the International Space Station (ISS) and at times pass by it.

"There really is an endless stream of UFOs seen on the NASA ISS live cam. UFOs are recorded almost daily. Most the time they are matching speed with the ISS and far away, but sometimes they are moving about or past the ISS cam," said Scott.

He also added that there have been sightings of colourful discs flying in the sky. "Here we have a great example of a very colourful disk. This disk has several colours like green, yellow and dark orange."

Earlier in January a YouTube user 'Streetcap1' had recorded and uploaded wideos of UFOs appearing at different times in the sky near the (SS. The videos also included photographs of the disc-shaped UFOs taken by the NASA camera. In some videos the objects sighted were moving fast in a direction, while another clip showed the celestial object moving in slow motion.

Below is a video of the colourful disc-shaped object.