UFO (Representational Image)
UFO (Representational Image)Reuters

An Australian national captured an image of a flying object, believed to be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), hovering over Australia's Empire Bay on 2 July.

Drew Ryan, a photographer and UFO enthusiast, snapped several images of the object he had seen. Interestingly, the sighting coincided with World UFO Day. The video showed the celestial object undergoing a myriad of changes in colour and shape while in the sky.

"I have seen many unexplained things in the Central Coast skies, but most recently...I observed and photographed a large luminous ball-shaped object over Empire Bay," Ryan told the Daily Telegraph  while adding, "The ball changed color several times until it went orange, and then it moved slowly across the sky to hover over [the coastal town of] Woy Woy for some time."

Ryan who claimed to have seen the mysterious objects flying in the sky earlier also hopes that the increase in the number of such sightings will lead to a serious study of UFOs.

"There is no doubt in my mind there are things flying in the skies which cannot be explained," Ryan said. "And sightings are definitely growing in frequency. I would like to see a real investigation of these phenomena take place.

Chris Rutkowski, a civilian science writer, who has maintained the Canadian UFO survey since 1989, recently said that the possible reason for the increasing sightings reports is that people are watching the skies more often now than compared to before.

Click below to watch Ryan's video.