A UFO spotted over Retford Town Hall, Nottinghamshire (Top-right)nationalarchives.gov.uk

A fast-moving object flashing three distinct colours was reported whizzing past the sky in Rush, Kentucky, on 15 April.

The sighting, alleged to be that of an Unidentified Flying Object, was reported on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). However there were no photos or videos of the object except for an illustration of how it looked. The witness had reportedly noticed the oval-shaped object when he was outside talking to a friend.

"This object looked to be about 1,500 to 3,000 feet up, and was much lower than any of the jets passing through at the time," the witness said as quoted by Examiner.

"It looked like it should pass directly over our heads. There was no sound from this object and it looked like it could be the size of a small automobile."

Describing the object the witness said, "Kind of oval in shape, it had three major colors which flashed extremely fast and bright. The front color was red, the middle was the white color and was extremely bright. The back of the object flashed an orange-ish red. The flashing was as best as I can describe being like fireworks. The flashing lights were so bright that it would hide the object as if the light rays were being projected outward away from the craft."

Kentucky has reported nine UFO sightings in March and is 14th highest UFO reporting state in the US. California is the highest with 53 UFO sighting reports.