UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)
UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)Reuters

Sightings of an Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) have always brought curiosity among the public, experts study them and try figuring out what exactly they are and from where it comes.

Many people have claimed seeing an UFO, but no further information has ever been available. In one of such events, a mother and daughter, on last Sunday night, claimed to have spotted an UFO that flew over their home in Southern Alberta.

The duo claimed to have seen two bright lights flying in the sky.

"Then the light just started coming straight at us and it went straight over our house and headed to the northwest behind us. I've never seen anything like that before." CBC News quoted the mother, Martine as saying.

Her daughter Baylie tried to capture a picture of the objects from her cellphone, but the camera acted weird. "The picture went completely green and later on that night it ended up deleting itself." she said. Martine could only get few clicks with her DSLR camera. However, they are not sure as to what they really saw.

"The tip offs are the red and blue lights, which are very common in aircraft," said Chris Rutkowski, a science writer and who studies reports on UFO in Canada.

Experts however do not consider this to be an UFO and claims that such sightings are common in Alberta.

1180 sightings were reported in 2013, out of which over hundreds were sighted in Alberta, according to the Canadian UFO Survey.

In a similar event, a cigar-shaped huge UFO was spotted over Korosten city in Ukraine on 6 March 2014. The UFO video was uploaded by 07TV, a YouTube channel. This cigar-shaped craft has provided much speculation mostly because of its huge size.

However, the cigar object has been compared with military aircraft carriers moving by the oceans.

"It's often too easy to label videos we can't explain as a product of computer generated imagery. In this case, however, the best thing the video has going for it is that the unknown object looks like it could belong in the video," Huffington Post quoted former FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen and lead investigator of the Syfy Channel series, "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files". Hansen warns against believing everything seen on You Tube.

Without any facts or actual witness of filming this UFO, any court would dismiss it as unacceptable evidence, said Hansen.