The recent past has seen a rise in Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings around the world which no scientist or researcher is able to discern. The latest sighting report, claimed to be the most unusual, came from California, US.

The MUFON, a non-profit organization that deals with the scientific study of UFOs, published on its website a report titled "Black solid egg shape with orange lights on the bottom". The report didn't seem to carry a by-line, but the accompanying image was credited by 'Jeremy Nolen Graphic Design'.

The report read: "First saw [the unidentified flying object] coming from the west, it looked like a fiery object floating in the sky. Then as it moved east it stopped and hovered for a few seconds, then it started coming towards me for about 10 seconds, then it stopped and hovered as if it knew I was looking at it."

According to the report, the mysterious object was sighted in November last year and was reported on Feb 1. The observer hasn't given any reason for taking time to reveal his discovery. Images of the object were also not provided, making the sighting report sound elusive.

"Then it started to slowly move to the east again. I ran inside and grabbed my mom and my uncle. We all watched it float away before it just vanished somewhere over USD college. I got a really good look at it thru my binoculars for about 1 minute. No sound. Hovered, then moved, changing directions." It is understood from the description on the image that the "mom and uncle" saw the same strange craft. Looked like molten fire was dripping off of it as it flew slowly by. I didnt want to run and grab my camera in fear that it would go away," the report stated.

The published report carried an artistic image of the sighting. According to the reports, MUFON has received more than 40 reports of UFO sightings in the last week.