The supermoon is partly covered by clouds
The supermoon is partly covered by clouds as it sets behind Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep in the northern capital of Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 15, 2016.REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha

The world witnessed a rare phenomenon known as the supermoon earlier this week with the moon looking larger and brighter than other days as it got closest to Earth since January 1948. However, a clip of the event has caused curiosity among the public, especially UFO (unidentified flying objects) enthusiasts, as two black objects (believed to be spacecraft) were seen flying past the supermoon at high speed.

Videos of two unidentified black objects passing the supermoon have hit online. It took just a second for the objects to fly past the moon, so they could be flying at a high speed if they were near the moon.

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"I was recording a video of the Supermoon on Nov/13 at night...Near the end of the video, an object appears to be passing over the moon and reflecting its shadow on the moon surface," reads the caption of the video written by the uploader, according to the Sun. "No idea what it could be."

However, viewers of the video don't think the objects are UFOs or aliens. Many are of the opinion that the unidentified black objects could be satellites, birds or balloons flying past the camera. Some claimed that the objects didn't cast a shadow on the moon, which means they were nowhere near it.

Interestingly, the person who captured and uploaded the video didn't claim that the objects were in the space or flew by the moon. So, the objects could be just balloons or materials passing by the camera and not spacecraft as claimed by conspiracy theorists.

There is no concrete prove of the existence of UFO and aliens but reports of strange and mysterious objects sightings keep coming in.

(Source: The Sun)