UFO Spotted Close to NASA's ISS
Recently a UFO Spotted Close to NASA's ISSYoutube/Streetcap1

Nobody knows if aliens ever exist but reports of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings keep coming in with people claiming that they saw weird and strange objects in the skies. The latest we hear is that a photographer has caught 14 baton-shaped strange objects in his camera.

According to a report by Mirror Online, one of its readers named Karl Jennings from Ireland has claimed that he captured '14-strong fleet' of unidentified 'crafts' in the skies of central Madrid in his camera last year. 

Jennings claimed that his photographs were not altered in any way and that the bizarre objects are not birds or planes but "'14-strong fleet' of unidentified, 'baton-shaped crafts'." He went on to say that the strange objects were in the skies or about 90 seconds before disappearing behind the tall buildings.

The photographer told the website that the strange crafts "cruised with the illuminated facet facing down. They sped up, rotated length-wise, flipped on their 'backs' and had lights so bright they bleached out the broadest daylight. There were no wings, no audible sound, no propellers, no finned-empennage, no smoke, no contrails."

"My best guesstimate is that they were at an altitude of 8 kilometres, some 3-4.5 metres in length each," he added.

Jennings also sent a photograph of an Air Berlin plane taken from the same camera with the same settings and it looks very different from the ones he had taken a few minutes earlier. He claimed that photography and technology experts agreed that the images in is photographs were not birds.