UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)
UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)Reuters

A woman in UK has revealed that she spotted a flying object hovering over her home island of Guernsey on Sunday, 23 March.

Denise Poole, 52, describing the object as a flying saucer-shaped, confirmed that the flying object appeared as a red line. She spotted the saucer shaped object with a live weather webcam.

The mother of one said that the bright object moved slowly across the screen and suddenly disappeared but reappeared again after a short while, according to Business Standard.

"There was this thing hovering in the sky. It looked as if it was spinning. I thought I was seeing things. Every now and again it went away and then came back again. I thought 'crumbs nobody will believe me' so I took a few pictures on my phone," Daily Star quoted her as saying.

However, police have confirmed that no bizarre sightings have been reported on Sunday morning.

The object was spotted over Elizabeth College in St Peter Port and Poole is still unsure as to what the object could be.

"It could well be the glare from sun but even so it's a pretty spooky image." she added.

Two months back, a pilot revealed of encountering with a UFO, while flying towards Heathrow Airport. "The captain was fully expecting to experience some kind of impact with a conflicting aircraft," said a statement. 

In a similar event, a cigar-shaped huge UFO was spotted over Korosten city in Ukraine on 6 March 2014. This cigar-shaped craft has given rise to speculations mostly due to its huge size.

Again on 16 March 2014, a mother and daughter in Southern Alberta claimed to have spotted a UFO that flew over their home. The duo claimed to have seen two bright lights flying in the sky.