UFO (Representational Image)
UFO (Representational Image)Reuters

A saucer-shaped object, believed to be an Unidentified Flying object (UFO), was seen flying over the skies of Khakassia in Russia.

An image of the mysterious object, given out by UFO Sightings Dail, was taken by two school girls. The snapshot showed a grey coloured object with a hole in the centre portion flying over the sky.

After the UFO sighting was reported, a one-minute and fifty-nine second long video was uploaded on YouTube by Fayens that showed one of the girls speaking about the sighting. She also showed an image of the saucer-shaped object that she shot on camera.

The video that has the caption "Stunning UFO Caught Over Russia April 2013" was posted on YouTube on 20 April and goes with the description "Two schoolgirls from Khakassia managed to take incredible shots of a flying saucer."

"Eyewitnesses have no doubt that they had seen a UFO. The objects shape was a classic saucer shaped craft, and left onlookers stunned and amazed," the description added. The video has fetched over 10,000 viewers.

The sighting report Russia comes at a time when mysterious objects were reported flying over NASA's International Space Station (ISS) last week. The reports said that the UFOs near ISS were spotted by NASA astronauts who were outside the station.

Rusiia has often reported such sightings. In February, mysterious objects were seen glittering in the skies over Russia. The video of the same was also uploaded on the video-sharing site showing the objects hovering near the Ural Mountains of western Russia.

In January, eight unidentified flying objects were spotted in the skies of Mexico which flew in a synchronised manner like migratory birds. A closer look at the objects which was caught on the video revealed that the wing-like structures attached to each object did not flap and the rest of the body seemed to emit fluorescent light.