UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)
UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)Reuters

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was seen hovering over West Wales in the night sky of Thursday, 5 June 2014. The sighting came after Gavin Davies, a paranormal investigator initiated a Facebook appeal for people who witnessed the flying object over Wales.

According to Davies, he was on bed when the fast moving bright light object flew over Haverfordwest. From the witnesses, Davies want to gather information, footage and photos of the weird lights that he spotted.

The object was described as bright, large light with two smaller lights close to it, heading towards east.

"My immediate suspicion was it was the International Space Station but I checked and it had already passed." Gavin told Carmarthen Journal, according to Mirror Online.

Davies, owner of Paranormal Chronicles website, said that after he posted his appeal on Facebook, he has received many responses from people who have witnessed the lights that night.

"It is literally an UFO. I'm not saying it's aliens but at this time we don't know what it is." he said.

Many similar UFO sightings have happened in recent times. An unidentified, disc-shaped flying object was spotted over the skies of Dee Why, Sydney by local residents. The residents were out on the beachfront for their morning walk.

"I took three photos but I didn't think much more about it until I came home from work and enlarged the photo on my computer," Daily Telegraph quoted the Don Jeffery, a resident who saw the mysterious object.

"It's brighter than the sun and it looked like a disc-like object - I've never seen anything like it before. I like to keep an open mind and with all of those galaxies out there I think there must be other life."

Back in 2012, a man claimed that he saw two UFOs which seemed like bright and purple lights hovering over Collaroy, New South Wales at around 5 am in the morning. Also in 2011, a Dee Why resident reportedly spotted two UFOs flying over the northern beaches.

On 25 May 2014, an alleged unidentified object, flying over the skies of London, was seen from the window of an airplane. The incident was captured in a video and was uploaded on YouTube. The clip shows a dark-colored disc with lights on either side. It seemed that the object was hovering above the cloud lines.

Again, Michele Bardsley, 35 from West Midlands, United Kingdom saw mysterious lights that appeared in the skies above her home. The weird phenomenon was captured in a 40-minute video on the night of 10 January 2014.

Meanwhile, in another incident, an alleged UFO was spotted hovering around the Hinckley area, United Kingdom. The object was spotted by a man, who reported the sighting to the Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network (LUFOIN), according to Hinckley Times.