UFO Sighting: Live Cam Captures Huge Glowing Object Over California [You Tube Screenshot/Orlando Bosca]
UFO Sighting: Live Cam Captures Huge Glowing Object Over California [You Tube Screenshot/Orlando Bosca]You Tube Screenshot/Orlando Bosca

In yet another sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), a huge glowing light was spotted hovering over the skies of California.

The sighting was captured on a live cam on 28 June over Santa Clara Valley in California. The 51 seconds video shows immensely huge light over the blue skies in the city.

"This glowing UFO was caught on a live cam last week. I looked for the live cam, but there are so many that I could not find it. If you find the live cam, please post the URL in the comments below. Very interesting sighting and its very possible this UFO will return, so we need to find this cam.", wrote Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily.

 Check out the video of glowing light over California

Several similar UFOs have been sighted in the US earlier as well. A red glowing object was spotted hovering over the city of Altoona, Pennsylvania, US on 30 June 2014, by two residents and the video was captured on a Windows 8 Phone. The one minute and 32 seconds video was posted on You Tube. The strange footage appeared to go from one point to another while glowing constantly red, which makes it clear that it is not an airplane, as planes have white lights along with crimson.

Again, an UFO was spotted hovering over a tall building in the city of New York on 4 July, the day America was celebrating its Independence Day. The object was witnessed by a UFO researcher who captured the strange object in a 30 second video.

"This amazing video was caught as a UFO researcher was watching some live cams. At 18 seconds into the video you will see this UFO pass over the buildings and pass in front it. The UFO is as wide as the antenna on top of the building, which is at least 3-4 cars in length. Fantastic capture by Orlando Bosca of Youtube," reported UFO sightings Daily.